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About Us - Brook ReFocused, LLC

Photography has been very therapeutic, causing me to ReFocus on my creative energy.  In November of 2011, I suffered some serious health issues and my recovery was plagued with set back after set back.  That is until I picked up a camera and ReFocused on all that is good around me.  After making a full recovery, I continue to use my camera as a form of therapy, ReFocusing on creative energy.

I have been a paramedic and EMS instructor for many years, and have always enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their stories.  Everyone has a story and sometimes it just can't be told with words.  I take a photo journalistic approach to Focus on you and the story that you want to tell, whether it's about yourself, important events in your life, or your business.  I enjoy spending time with you, getting to know you, what is important to you,  and hearing your story, so that I can tell it with photographs. 

I look forward to photographing your story!

ReFocus on all that is good around you and be safe,

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