About Brook ReFocused

Photography has been very therapeutic, causing me to ReFocus on my creative energy. In November of 2011, I suffered some serious health issues and my recovery was plagued with set back after set back. That is until I picked up a camera and ReFocused on all that is good around me. After making a full recovery, I continue to use my camera as a form of therapy, ReFocusing on creative energy.
I have been a paramedic and EMS instructor for many years, and have always enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their stories. Everyone has a story and sometimes it just can’t be told with words alone. I take a photojournalistic approach to Focus on you and the story that you want to tell, whether it’s about yourself, important events in your life, or your business. I enjoy spending time with you, getting to know you, what is important to you, and hearing your story, so that I can tell it with photographs.
I look forward to photographing your story!
ReFocus on all that is good around you and be safe,

2 thoughts on “About Brook ReFocused”

  1. Thanks again for coming out and getting some shots of the Armada baseball All Stars. It was nice meeting you. You do great work and I can’t wait to see the shots you got.

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Telling Your Story With Photography